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"In the experience of art, a peculiar exchange takes place; I lend my emotions and associations to the space and the space lends me its aura, which entices and emancipates my perceptions and thoughts".  -  JUHANI PALLASMAA


DIST(URBE) is an imaginary and emotional space, built through the mirages of a dormant sunset I observe every day.


Too many signals warn of a collapse. The consequences of our lifestyle, of this unsustainable system we’re all a part of, have become an imminent threat to our future and are already becoming apparent. The events from the last few years have revealed our fragility, which raises uncertainty about the future, even suggesting the possibility of a non existing future.


Driven by my anguish at the unavoidable loss of our world, I’ve created this photographic fiction as a drill. An immersive journey through a dystopic and post-apocalyptic world, full of disturbing images that create a hidden narrative. Snapshots tinted in red as a warning and danger signal. Characters ablaze, lone survivors from a blurred world. Landscapes which are both a shelter and an escape, where shades are more revealing than lights.


2021 - Bronze Winner in Portfolio-Fine Art category by the jury of Tokyo Foto Awards  (Tifa)

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