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Title: Evitar-se/Habitar-se

Concept: Nora Haddad

Visual concept and design: Gala Seguí

Construction: Martí Flotats



Being a lesbian in a heteronormative and occidental context is a contradiction of terms. We have been inducted into a world ruled by specific and preset norms, values and beliefs that we have grasped. Nevertheless, a lot of times these parameters collide with what we are, feel or have decided to be.


We often feel obliged to use the ambiguity to dress up who we really are or which are our sexual preferences, in front of the threat of the gaze of the other. The coercive social pressure is such, that in an unconscious and involuntary way, we change our exterior speech and our presentation card. A behavior that can provably seem useful to avoid confrontations, but wounds our inner self and takes us to live partway with the outside and only whole in the inside, doing even more latent the abyss between what is public and what is private.


We have decided many times to avoid us and not to inhabit us. This installation wants to talk and give voice to the internalized lesbophobia, the consequence of a social structure that pretends to structure ourselves. Evitar-se/habitar-se is a shout to end the invisibility that the lesbian community suffers.



How to represent the feeling of a (partly) self-made prison? It had to be a cage without door or entrance. A cage where you can enter and exit anytime, but your own image is what retains you. In the center of your intimacy, the spikes of your cage are the stares of the ones surrounding you, whereas the slits for those you could escape face you with yourself, making you become at the same time prisoner and hangman.

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