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Title: Placenta

Duration: 15-25’

Concept and drummer: Nora Haddad

Dancer: Gina Martín

Visual concept and design: Gala Seguí





Placenta is a performance based on the improvisation with contemporary dance and a sound experimentation with drums. 


With this performance, we intend to submerge the audience in an ambience of anonymity and intimacy, giving them the opportunity to create new imaginative spaces. The piece is interpreted by a dancer that blends contemporary dance and Butoh dance, and one drummer. Both bodies in movement pretend to undo the limiting effects of the concepts that normalize our life.


Placenta, understood as an organ and symbolic space in the piece, is the representation in real time of the research of an abstract space in which inhabit comfortably. We are inevitably in front of structured structures working as structuring structures. The body, conceived as a container, is an interface limited and limiting. The indoctrination of the bodies has lead us to exploit them as only bodies-placenta. An internal room in which deposit our inability of being out, in front of the fear to burst the social order. 

The sound texture of the piece is based on the research and the exploration of more organic sounds with the drums while the dance and its contortion make us question the limits of our own comfort and possibility to find other ways to move and inhabit.





The idea was to make tangible the boundary that surrounds us and, at the same time, defends us, and lock us in ourselves. Connected by red umbilical cords to the social macro structures, the movement of our bodies will be the only thing to turn off the lines of defense, leaving us free to build in the dark.

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